The camera (the only one I have) in my phone is broken. Hi ho. After multiple times of uninstalling it and then re-installing it, multiple times of resetting the whole phone two different ways, multiple times of using a nokia repair tool, all with only little or no success, I give in. I’ll have to send it back to Nokia.
I can’t seem to shake this tiredness. I assume it’s the result of a very intense and hectic year: my father’s death, my rushed trip to England for his funeral and my rushed move to my lovely new flat and the work involved in that. So. If my camera had to go awol I guess this isn’t the worst time for it.
These are the reasons I haven’t posted anything here for a little while and have been very slow in getting around to visiting my bloggy pals. I can probably find a few more things to post but I don’t know for how long I will be missing my phone/camera.
Posts on ‘strata of the self’ will continue as usual: once daily.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time  25102011
Once upon a time there lived a youngish man by the name of Cyril.
Cyril was quite shy so he spent much of his time alone in his room, fiddling about with his weblog. It was about spiders. And mushrooms. And quantum physics.
Outside Cyril’s bedroom window there lived a grand oldish tree, who often watched Cyril at his work. Sometimes they talked. About spiders. And mushrooms. And quantum physics.
It was a very successful relationship and they both lived as happily ever after as one could hope, notwithstanding the occasional mishap.

Image and text © Ashley Lily Scarlett 2011