Reaching for the Light

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19 thoughts on “Reaching for the Light

    • I’m feeling nothing like glory right now, but thanks Shaun. And this image is by far the inferior to your ‘Hand of Glory’ image. That’s one of my favourites of yours – a very strong and powerful image, indeed.
      You know, I don’t really like this image of mine. I think it’s mediocre, nothing special; but the sentiment. . .

    • I see what you mean, Arkturosx. The lights were dancing when I was taking this. Perhaps that’s why I’m finding the image so dull – I was enjoying their dancing – it was much more interesting as a moving image. :)

  1. To all my kind commenters and ‘like button’ pressers: I don’t mean to be deliberately contrary and I thank you all for your interest and compliments.

    If you ever feel like saying that an image may be improved by a certain tweaking or some such, I am interested in that. I am endlessly fascinated by how we all see things differently.

  2. Fine attempt, Ashley. Despite the lengthening effect of sun on the shadow: you did not manage to catch the dancing lights. And thus – not to say it’s lousy – the result is of extraordinary mediocrity.
    I am endlessly fascinated by how we see no things differently.

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