1. Mitzi G Burger

    Most amusing, as much for the Kafkaesque exegesis as the Pinocchi’ing about. I try not to capture my own shadow on camera just in case it isn’t there one day. (*spooky music*)

  2. Mitzi G Burger

    I was halfway between Peter Pan who has to stitch on his shadow and vampires who are said not to have a shadow … PS big eyeball news: there’s a dramatic episode in season 3 I believe of Deadwood in which one enemy of Al Swearengen loses said organ … it is gruesome.

  3. elmediat

    Clearly the Shadow Lady has a suspiciously pointy nose ( Grandmother Pangkarlangu) and is pushing a buggy past these vehicles on the way to The Vaudeville of The Obscure ( where books fly off the shelves in search of eyeballs and rolls of memories are sold as wallpaper ).

    No doubt you were trailing her to see where she was planting pocket watches and moonlight reflections. 🙂

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