1. spilledinkguy

    You’ve included just enough information to provide us with context, yet everything is clean and simple and doesn’t distract from the figure. I really like how she’s framed off center, too… and how you’ve used elements of the background (pipes, window, etc.) to really bring your eye in… wonderfully done, S.E.! πŸ™‚

  2. healingmagichands

    I also like the expanse of wall and the way it makes the figure seem both very small and also very important at the same time. The horizontal lines really take your eye to the figure of Milka. Nice, very nice.

  3. milkayphoto

    Nicely framed with very simple tones to focus on the figure.

    This is one of those timeless images…in different clothing and w/o the cel phone, Milka represents generations of women keeping house.

  4. ramoncito17

    I like the contrast of the two halves of the picture. On one side it is filled with detail while the other side has less detail. The unbalance is creating tension that makes the image work so well!

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