1. healingmagichands

    I like the congruences that happen in your shots — the shape and color of the card reflected in the fabric tie things together. And I love the random scattering of leaves with one small nail in the mix.

    Ten of wands: isolation, repressed feelings, energy held back

      • Syncopated Eyeball

        Indeed! I usually interpret the ten of wands to mean that I have taken on too much, unneccessarily and that it’s possible to drop some of that load. In this case I think it was referring to my inner state rather than anything going on outside of me.
        Are you familiar with Rachel Pollack, HMH?

        • healingmagichands

          I am, actually. I have read her book about the Dali Tarot, and dipped into 78 degrees of Wisdom. But since I use the Crowley deck, I don’t spend a lot of time on analyses of the Rider tarot. Of course, the basics of interpretation are similar, but the different decks have different symbols, and the way the cards inter-relate is a bit different due to the differences in symbology.

          • Syncopated Eyeball

            I don’t have a deck at the moment but I usually have the Rider Waite and those images are fixed fairly firmly in my head. I have much-battered-through-use copies of both volumes of 78 Degrees of Wisdom.

  2. spilledinkguy

    An interesting group of found objects…
    did you arrange them this way, or happen across them? My eyes keep circling the image (bouncing from one object to the next)… very cool, S.E. (I just hope that nail doesn’t end up in a tire)! 🙂

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