1. healingmagichands

    I love the shot but I don’t understand the title at all. Of course, this makes me think of the time we walking into Canyonlands National Park to a place called Angel Arch, and after about ten minutes of looking at it I asked my mother where the angel was. Once she pointed it out, it was obvious.

    All that aside, I like the way the chair becomes completely abstract at this angle.

  2. Sean Jeating

    Apart from that not being able to ‘understand’ this photograph has nothing to do with reading and not reading and understanding or not understanding the Ulysses: a fine photograph it is.

  3. elmediat

    This hollow throne of angelic existential chairness lies upended, like an unread page of Joyce’s Ulysses.
    Time passes and the image endures, the book is not in the frame.
    Abstraction fills the lines of sight spinning down twisting turns of corners not seen when the page corners curl up in anticipation of eyes intent on resting like an abandoned white chair falling/rising in darkness.


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