Cracks Like a Splintery Web

There’s a different  web here

And a colour version of this one, called ‘Internal Bleeding’  here


    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Haha! Yes, I remember that you hate spiders, Daisy Fae.
      Of course you like this. There is no spider. Nor likely to be one. Or if there were, it seems it would also be made of glass and inanimate. Not moving. Not chasing you and running up your neck and getting stuck in your hair and spinning webs across your face or even biting you and injecting you with toxic venom.

      I know. I’m a little bit evil.

  1. Claude

    Will a Black Fly visit this web
    And sniff, and know, and slowly ebb
    Not to be served this fancy way
    To Glass Spider, as foolish prey?

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  3. P. King

    Wow – all your work is exquisite. Because of my schizophrenia, my father is always reminding me that “Blessed are the cracked – for they let in the light.” This picture reminded me of that and also triggered a whole load of beautiful thoughts for me. Thank you!

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