1. jams o donnell

    Even if the person in the pic was Sean Micallef telling his funniest joke it is quite scary!

    He was shown here on a cable comedy channel about 10 years ago Shirl loved him so much she sent off to Oz for the show DVDs!

  2. Claude

    As I got older, I simply stopped looking at TV when I couldn’t sleep in the wee hours. It would give me nightmares. Never understood why the Box would be infected with such a lousy Night Programming.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Haha! When a new email address hits WordPress it gets assigned an avatar and that little red creature is yours so it will show up any time you use that same email address on WordPress. Unless the blog owner has chosen a different style of visitors avatars I think.
      I think Jams must know what to do as he has a Google ID and his very own avatar shows up here at WordPress.

  3. healingmagichands

    Ever since I had to stay up all night for a sleep deprived EEG, I have avoided late night tv. I still remember “Attack of the Crocodile Men.”

    Interesting image, though. Scary! It made me think I had lost my glasses again.

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