• Syncopated Eyeball

      One of my friends doesn’t like this image as they find it too violent.
      It is violent but I’m so fascinated with the shapes and the colours that that fascination overrides the sense of violence I can feel.
      I also like the sense of tension – the shattering is still there in potential.
      Wordy, wordy day for me today.

      • spilledinkguy

        I can see both sides to that. I always say this, but I often worry about what is potentially taboo content. I find myself spacing out more intense posts (which is kind of odd – when I was in school I seemed to do the opposite). I’m trying to get over the self-censorship thing, but it’s difficult for me. I certainly don’t want to offend anyone (but ignoring certain things might not be very honest, either). It’s a big worry for me.

        • Syncopated Eyeball

          My taste runs in a few directions but I think this is one of my very favourites. I would put it on my wall whereas although I quite like some of my flower shots, they’re not going up. I do actually have one of Shaun Downey’s flower shots on my wall (lucky, lucky me) but it’s more like an abstract and ‘exciting’.
          I think most people self-censor to some degree but I don’t think it’s desirable for us to do that with our creativity.
          Personally, Robert, I am thrilled by your darker, more emotionally confronting work, e.g. the stapled pears and what I think of as ‘the bondage cherries’.
          If my work offended anyone my attitude would be along the lines of – Ok. Don’t look at it, then.
          Having said that, I do have a self portrait that I’m trying to gather the courage to post. I’ve been thinking about it again since Jams/Shaun posted his fantastic series of self portraits.

          Seems I can’t shut up again, today. πŸ™‚

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