A Bad Hair Day for the Accidental Genie

(Bicycle artist unknown)

A few days after finding my genie in the scribbles on this wall (see Three Wishes), I happened to walk past again.

But what has happened to my genie’s hair?

I think one of these three might know:

Jams O’Donnell

Sean Jeating

Don QuiScottie


  1. jams o donnell (Shaun Downey)

    It’s clear to me that the Don has given up on Rocinante and has stolen a bicycle. The problem is that Sergeant Pluck from the Third Policeman is worried that Don’s mollycules will get mixed up with the Don’s thus creating a hybrid that has tyres and goes loopy at the typos in my posts. This is why the Don, who has also stolen Seanso’s sombrero, has pedalled so hard that he has found himself in Bondi and not Buckie!

  2. Seanso Pansa

    Squire Shaunso, far were you from being earnest, I suppose. Never would our Don steal a fly from a wall. He might have commandeered the bicycle, though, as he did with my sombrero.

  3. jams o donnell (Shaun Downey)

    The hybrid is one of the Don and the bicycle of course!

    On second thoughts I am sure that the Don had Bondi in mind as the sombrero will keep the sun of his very Scottish skin. The poor Don has been known to get sunburn if he tarries too long under a 100 watt bulb

  4. Sean Jeating

    Occupy Omnium at work, MacCruiskeen, hm?
    Anyway, personally I am convinced that meanwhile Don QuiScottie is slouching on Bondi Beach, dreaming of white flakes cooling his hot temper.

  5. Andrew

    Don QuiScottie tells me he is more concerned by the pesky snowflakes that seem to fall across your masthead when he lets his noble cursor flick across it. He says he may have to visit this place more often to see what other abominations do lurk in need of his attention, although he is somewhat busy with more local dangers right now. Oh and they are down here too… Snowflakes all over a blog? This will be of concern to his noble mind.

  6. Don QuiScottie

    And that chap on the bicycle… he doth indeed look like me, and Rocinante’s joints have in fact been squealing strangely… I do suspect my steed may now be 29% bicycle, and I, who hath been strangely fond of eating oats of late, may be at least 33% steed. It is a mixed up world at the level of this mad molecularity, but the good Andrew teaches chemistry… or is it alchemy? Whatever… I’m sure he’ll help me sort it all out. Is there nothing my knightly (and nightly) nobility cannot fix?

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I think you’re right. Katie. Either he’s going to pedal right over the edge or the genie is going to swat him like a fly!
      Like I said, and I’ll say it again because I like my new coined word, severe manglement!

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