10.23 am, January 13, 2012



  1. spilledinkguy

    I wish I had half your skill with street photography, S.E…
    (not only do I get very self-conscious, but by the time I calm myself down ‘the moment’ has completely passed me by)
    love this!

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I don’t have skill with street photography, Robert!
      I make so many mistakes with it when I try – especially with exposure. On the rare occasions when I have asked stramgers for permission to photograph them, I too get all agitated trying to get it all ‘right’ quickly and consequently mess it all up.
      And taking photos of people without their knowledge I need to feel that should they see them and recognise themselves that they would not be offended. All very problematic!
      I took this from the safety of a bus. I’ve been doing that a bit lately.

      • spilledinkguy

        But you do, S.E.!
        And this is a great example… no matter what the technique, a result like this speaks for itself! I know exactly what you mean, though (I have those very same concerns). It’s difficult enough to get set-up under less tense conditions… let alone the added social aspect (and how quickly everything occurs, of course)! I definitely need to come up with a better system because I’m too slow and I’d completely over-think everything if I wasn’t so flustered I almost forget how to think.

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