• Syncopated Eyeball

      1. Have a night of insomnia.
      2. Get bored around 2 or 3 am.
      3. Find some white and red acrylic paint and two paintbrushes.
      4. Paint your face and a bit of your mussed up hair with the white paint and larger brush.
      5. Start taking photos of yourself in the bathroom, sometimes aided by the mirror whilst pulling all manner of faces.
      6. Add red paint to lips with smaller brush which eventually gets inside your mouth.
      7. Edit contrast and brightness and add a phone effect filter thing called ‘Antique’ which makes most colours brown but does wonderful things to red. (Maybe not in that order, I don’t remember.
      8. Ta dah!

      More to come!

  1. healingmagichands

    Heavens! I don’t ever do this sort of thing when I have insomnia. Maybe I should try it. Usually I am more likely to be doing something dull and uncreative like reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle….

    Fun picture, though. I’m sure that I probably look like that to my eggs when I am getting ready to poach them.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Reading and crossword puzzles often feature in my sleepless nights too, HMH. I love crosswords! Well,some of them, I do the one in The Sydney Morning Herald, sometimes finishing them, sometimes learning new words. The other day I learnt ‘tranche’ – a block of shares. No surprise to me that I didn’t know that word, I know nothing of the world of finance.
      I think I’m quite good at them, actually but I am totally unable to do the cryptic ones. Do you do those?

  2. spilledinkguy

    Insomnia is not fun, but at least you got a great photo out of it!
    Very interesting… almost reminds me of a ritual mask…
    (Was the acrylic difficult to remove? I hope you didn’t have to scrub too hard… seems like that might have hurt a bit!)

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Insomnia is less of a problem for me these days in that I am now retired. That’s a euphemism! I am a pensioner. Oooh! Big revelation to most of ‘my readers’. That’s all you’re all getting about that for the time being. I used to be ashamed about it, it’s not what I ever imagined for myself but eventually it became necessary, essential for my well being.
      So. Sometimes my insomnia is fuelled by worry. Sometimes I just simply can’t sleep and find ways to amuse myself. I love the quietness of the night.

      • spilledinkguy

        I hear you, S.E… I often have difficulty sleeping as well. Not fun.
        I tend to be a worrier, too, but more often I just can’t seem to ‘turn off my thoughts’… I keep thinking about some new project(s) I’d like to try (until the next day when after staying awake all night I find myself too tired to start on it…)

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Oh and the acrylic washed off my face very easily, no scrubbing required. It was cheap non toxic stuff for kids. Just as well because I got a lot of the red in my mouth – it didn’t even have much of a taste. Not so easy to get out of my hair though.
      I’ll tell you what did hurt though, slowly, slowly removing a pore cleansing strip from my nose yesterday.

  3. Mrs Pineapple

    Watched a movie called ravenous with Guy Pearce a long time ago. Loved the movie. He he I wasn’t watching it with him, he was in it. I was gonna say this would’ve been good in the movie, but it would have been better and more suited to an Aussie movie called ‘Primal’. Your pics rocks sista!!!!

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Ah, Madam Pineapple, how nice to see you here. If I pluck a green spiky leaf from the top of your head will I find you are ripe enough to eat yet?
      Ha! Who cares, I’m going to gobble you up anyway!
      Love you to bits (ha ha) and thanks for leaving such an interesting comment. X

  4. Don QuiScottie

    OH… MY… GOD…

    Looking through a lot of your older images tagged “self”. Not sure it was a good idea this late at night. Some wonderfully interesting things created from the same raw material (and I can see that the basic raw material is nice so I will try to curb my scary dreams). This blog has so many great photos.

  5. Claude

    Hope a bunch of marshmallow would fill that mouth and hunger. Some rice krispy mini balls on their way if you give me an address. Bon appΓ©tit!

  6. elmediat

    Is this the face that launched a thousand ships ?
    Marshmallow sails rise in the early morn,
    Ahoy sailor! Ahoy !
    Tomorrow I dream of distant shores,…… and popsicles in the moonlight.

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