• Syncopated Eyeball

          Interesting comment, Robert. I consider ‘Watching the News’ and ‘Insomniac’ self portraits but not the rest. I’ve been thinking about this lately (and a multitude of other things, my head is very full), self portraits, I mean. I’m thinking that all our creations contain a part of us and when I use myself as a model it becomes harder to tell how much is me, Ashley and how much is performance. For me as well as for others. Or something like that… 🙂

          • spilledinkguy

            Good point, S.E…
            even intending to do something as a true / accurate depiction of ‘self’ it seems very difficult not to get pulled into some kind of ‘role’, or conform / adapt to a preconceived idea or concept (either intentionally or unintentionally…)

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