• Syncopated Eyeball

      Maybe this one counts as a self portrait then, I’m not sure but I definitely have a mischievous streak. Could be in my genes: some Irish and a little bit of Gypsy (yes, really).
      Could be just me! 🙂

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I thought I’d give you all a break! Me too, actually because naming the images in this series has been quite the mental exercise and I didn’t want any to be Untitled. This one was easy to name.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Thanks, Shaun. I could have made this as unsettling as the others with different processing, though.
      Has the expression ‘The camera never lies’ ever been less true than these days? Anyway, the camera always lies and always did as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes fibs and sometimes big fat whoppers!
      I don’t believe in an absolute truth in any context actually. Or do I? I don’t think I’ve found one yet, maybe that’s what I mean. (I do of course realise that one day I will die, but…)

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I’m not sure what you’re saying. You mean it looks like a nightmare vision?
      I’m not sure I named this ‘efficiently’. I saw the image as if she were having a daydream, not being a daydream , so perhaps ‘Daydreaming’ or ‘Daydreamer’.
      Perhaps I’ll change the title, perhaps not.

  1. spilledinkguy

    After looking at this one it’s almost impossible not to start daydreaming about what she/you might be daydreaming about here…
    this whole series really gets you thinking, S.E… so much ‘interaction’ in them…

  2. elmediat

    Excellent ! Don’t know if it was intentional, but the light in each eye gives a different impression of where the subject is looking. One is dreaming off into the distance while other is directed right at the viewer. It makes it feel like there is a shifting gaze and interaction with the viewer without loss of intended mood.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Well, no, it wasn’t intentional and I like your interpretatlon.
      I had noticed it though and in some of the others in this series and I’ve been wondering if it’s a distortion created by my camera phone or if I actually have a cast to one eye. Really!

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