More than the Sum of the Parts



  1. Sean Jeating

    To make a tiny difference: I do not love this one, let alone absolutely.

    As nowadays one does obviously need to explain everything in many words: I’d never ever love a thing, may it be a photo or a nice looking table.

    And if / when I love someone I do love her/him. Absolutely is but a pleonasm.

    The peace of the night.

  2. healingmagichands

    That’s the beauty of patchwork. It is always more than the sum of its parts. Lovely image, I like the way the light wakes it up. And it makes me wonder what would be behind the curtain if it was drawn… quite possibly the curtain improves the view. They often do, rather like draping swathing silks increase the sexiness of the body beneath as opposed to having your muffin top bared for all the world to be appalled by….

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I thought you would like this one, HMH. All that talk of stitching things back together over at Dolce’s and your lovely bargello piece, reminded me that I had this shot from some time ago.
      You’re right – this is much prettier than the view out through the window!

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