1. mrsdaffodil

    The palette is restrained, but beautiful. The one eye peering over the shoulder is quite intriguing and seems to imply some kind of relationship between two “figures”. I have no idea what your process was, but I like the result.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Thank you, Mrs Daffodil. I deliberately under-exposed the shot when I took it, ‘auto-corrected’ it, desaturated it and then removed some of the ‘noise’. Something like that anyway. I had some idea of where I was going but I often try a few different things, make a few versions before I settle on one (or none) of them.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Thanks, Jess! I’m really glad that you like it because it was in part inspired by the final two lines of your excellent post ‘whatever. just be honest’:

      ‘oh– you know what I’m saying?
      because I wasn’t sure that I did’


    • Syncopated Eyeball

      My favourite commenr/answer to this so far, Sean!

      It’s an odd expression really, isn’t it, the title? We know the accepted ‘translation’ is ‘Do you understand me perfectly well?’ yet it’s not hard to misunderstand a book.

      It seems to me, Sean, that you have, indeed, hit the nail on the head of (at least part) of my intent! And you’ve also complimented me so kindly.

      It’s really very good to see you. 🙂

  2. elmediat

    Very intriguing image. Full of mystery and very effective use of moody atmospheric colour and tone. It is a blend of Hieronymus Bosch and Film Noir.

  3. spilledinkguy

    Sorry I somehow managed to miss this one last time, U.M…
    I’d ask that body if I could borrow his eyes, but they look to be in just about as bad a shape (completely missing) as mine apparently are!

      • Syncopated Eyeball

        No apologies required, Robert; I’ve done the same thing myself. And um, that’s not a guy, that’s a woman. Her brains are on another sheet of acetate (or whatever it is – transparent, anyway) in the same book. There is a man elsewhere in the book, though.

        • spilledinkguy

          Seriously… some days, S.E… I’m amazed if I can get out of bed successfully.

          It seems I have a bias towards associating most physiological imagery with males. Possibly because so many intricate systems make me a bit nervous… seems like so many places something could fail / go wrong. An unattractive thought, I guess. And ugly thoughts generally make me think male. Not very PC, I guess.

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