1. healingmagichands

    Lovely. this picture takes me back to circa 1993 or 4 when we experienced an annular exlipse of the sun. I was very careful to make myself a pinhole projector so I could look at it safely. At the appropriate time, I took my lunch hour and went out to see the eclipse. It was very cool indeed, and the birds did settle down as if they thought it was dusk. Then I realized that I had not needed to go to the trouble to make the pinhole camera. The trees all around me had myriads of “pinholes” formed by the small gaps between their leaves. The annular eclipse was projected by the thousands all over me, the walkway, the bench, the rocks. It was a magical experience.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Thanks for sharing that story, HMH. That sounds like a truly remarkable and delightful experience that you had. Dappled light is so entrancing; I can look at it for ages, a bit like staring into the flames of an open fire for me.

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