1. spilledinkguy

    How have I missed so many posts, lately, S.E?
    Honestly… I don’t know how I manage to do that!
    Anyway, I’m a bit embarrassed by the lateness of the comment, but I really do like all the energy in this shot…

  2. elmediat

    I missed a few too. I blame it on the moebius-vector lines getting crossed at the point of singularity. Wonderful image. Curious as too what the technique/effect was. I know you use a phone camera, so is this a real phantom ?

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      🙂 I took the shot when I was out on an evening stroll. Not sure what I did! I must have used the flash. In processing I probably increased the contrast and reduced the brightness and then I probably desaturated. Most often I can’t remember what I did. I tend to just fiddle about until I have a version I like.
      I don’t think I’m a phantom, Joseph, but if I were, would I know?

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