• Syncopated Eyeball

      Ha ha! I totally agree! I’m a vegetarian. I walked into the shared kitchen and saw one of these sitting upright in the frying pan, staring at me.

      ‘Oh, gross!’ Much wrinkling of the nose . . . ‘Oh! I have to get my camera phone!’

  1. elmediat

    Here I read The Blissful Adventurer’s post on the beauty of Sushi yesterday, and think well that might be interesting, then I come here. I hope George gets to see the eyes.

      • elmediat

        I remember the first time a restaurant served me fish with the head attached. Had to have them remove it. If it was not intended to be eaten why leave it on / It had no functional purpose on the plate. At least the tail can be held when you make a wish. :0

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Ah! Your new gravatar looks terrific!

      Have you really eaten a fish head like this with crunchy eyes and sweet cheeks? Is that mouth edible? Someone told me that Snappers have sort of extendable jaws that leap out and snap up other fish. Sort of like the alien in Alien.

      • rumpie

        Not raw but the cheeks are the sweetest and probably the tastiest part of a snapper. The eyeball is more of a party trick, it doesnt have much taste, but the crunch can freak some people out (promise not to do in front of you)

        • Syncopated Eyeball

          Fascinating. I wonder if I would have tried a fish head if I’d been presented with one when I was a child. My grandmother prepared stuffed lamb’s hearts which I enjoyed. Also I then liked steak and kidney pudding and jellied eels. Goodness me!
          It was however a whole baked fish presented to me as dinner that stopped me eating fish. I already had not eaten red meat or chicken for a couple of years. It just looked like a dead creature looking at me and asking me ‘are you really going to eat me? I have a face and intestines!’.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I’m quite pleased with them but I wish they were more in focus. I have trouble with close ups with my cameraphone.

      Not brave – I was aghast and fascinated and wasn’t going to be eating them. That hot and bubbly margarine was spitting a bit though. It missed both me and my phone. Ha!

      • spilledinkguy

        The way you’ve filled the frame with them makes it seem even more powerful to me…
        absolutely demanding of all attention!
        (Happy to hear you were able to dodge those hot splatters, too!)

        • Syncopated Eyeball

          Thanks, Robert! I had some other shots, some showing part of the stove top so you would have seen what I saw initially which was pretty surreal but I preferred these two on their own.

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