1. elmediat

    J. D Salinger, ……. go to the head of the class. I assume it was the book and not the shop around the corner where you get the rye bread. 🙂
    Have you changed the settings on your blog theme ? It looks different. Or are you blogging from an even more alternative universe, . …….Will adjust the horizontal & vertical on the moebius alignment.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Well spotted Joseph. Ha ha! It’s not a shopping list, it is an old list of books I have read that is on my pinboard.

      No, I’ve not changed the theme, just the header sometimes. I’ve noticed it looks different on different browsers though. Nevertheless, I could in fact be in a different dimension. Who knows? Hard to tell. 🙂

  2. spilledinkguy

    Another piece where I think the ‘harsh’ lighting works so well…
    seems to really enhance the mood, S.E…
    (I really like how the ‘angles’ of the eyes created such different reflections of that light, too)!

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