1. daisyfae

    we’re really pretty awful at accepting the inevitibility of death. although i sort of hope i don’t get hit by a bus and end up on the pavement like that…

  2. elmediat

    There is a bit of synchronicity, I just helped a bird escape from our screen enclosed ante-room. Yin Yang of life. 🙂

  3. mrsdaffodil

    Last fall, our regular walk took us past the corpse of a raccoon. Eventually, this lovely creature was reduced to skull, spine and ribs. There was an amazing beauty to the sweet round skull and the graceful arch of spine and ribs. I wish I had taken a photograph.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Beauty can be found in the most unlikely places. It’s a shame you didn’t get a photo, Mrs Daffodil but you described it for us very well nonetheless. It would have been interesting to observe the disintegration of the racoon – to see the cycle of life before your very eyes. Poignant too.

      • rumpie

        I think he has scored a pidgeon, I have seen him try to get a crow, but got the fright of his life when it swooped back. Even in his current state (he is a aged pensioner cat) he got a mouse last sunday.

        Funny when you take it of him. He just sits and stares at the space where it should be for 5-10 minutes, then like all good cats, has a nap to recover

        • Syncopated Eyeball

          I’m so confused about the spelling of pi(d)geon! I was spelling it with a ‘d’ then I saw it without. I’m off to look in my dictionary in a minute to see if I have been seduced by the American spelling or not. Sometimes find myself typing ‘color’!

          Anyway, I’m very impressed with Rumpie’s balls, I mean guts. A crow! I’m hanging out for a cat friend but circumstances do not currently suit.

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