• Syncopated Eyeball

      I read that fear of dolls (pediophobia) is widespread. Something to do with their facial expressions being difficult to read/ambiguos. Makes me think how horrible it must be for those folk with Autism who have difficulty reading other people’s faces.

      As for me, I am totally fascinated with dolls, figurines, mannequins that approximate humans. And the stranger the better. 🙂

  1. spilledinkguy

    One of the things I particularly like about this is how at first it seems like your subject is human… that hand, really, is the only clue/element that points to something being ‘different’ than that (for me, anyway). I love that, S.E!

  2. elmediat

    Very TWZ-tv episode. I may have to write it now, just to get that intro out of my head. 🙂

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