• Syncopated Eyeball

      That’s exactly what I thought – it reminded me of a scene in Chopper where Mark Chopper Read head butts his girlfriend’s mother and smashes the girlfriend in the face and then shouts at her ‘Now look what you made me do.’

      Darth Vader has left the building so I guess you are spared. Unless he’s on his way to your place!

  1. Stan

    It’s an interesting look for Mr Vader. He appears to be in a pensive mood, maybe even reconsidering his deep desire to destroy all that is good in the universe.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      You never know, Stan. That could maybe keep things going for another film or six.

      I like this one because it looks like the kind of pose used in studio portraits. You know, almost like a passport photo but not face and torso forward. The kind of thing some families have of each member which in the case of DV strikes me as ironic.

  2. rumpie

    So what does alternative Darth play – guitar, drums, could do a great song with all his quotes, I am actually just finishing a Darth Vadar painting now, trying to kill his son, nice guy, when Luke is trying to nuke the death star, will probably post tonight or tomorrow.

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