1. daisyfae

    rain water is supposed to be good at softening clothes… seems reasonable to hang things in the rain, maybe with a little suds on them… i’m quite the lazy home maker, so this has great appeal…

  2. Zen and Genki

    I adore seeing clothes hung out to dry (even if they do end up getting rained on)…in Japan, we did it all the time….now, here in the ‘burbs of Toronto, it seems the only place I see clothes on a line is in those cheesy laundry detergent commercials…until today! Thank you for a most wonderful post 🙂

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Ha ha! I’m glad you like it, Anne. I admit I too like seeing washing on a line. It touches on my liking for collections of things ‘same, same, but different’. I like that there is nothing ‘modern’ or fast about it and I like the smell of things dried in the air too.

  3. spilledinkguy

    I really like the subtle shifts in perspective / framing between these three, S.E…
    it’s another series that when viewed / scrolled through leaves me with the impression of motion, or film. In a way it reminds me of NYPD Blue (strange, right)? I mean, how it was filmed (with the camera moving subtly about every now and then rather than being more ‘fixed’)… almost giving the impression that the viewer was actually ‘there’ a part of the scene (if that makes any sense)…

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Thanks, Robert! Interesting comment! I’m really itching to make some gifs. And yes, I remember the hand-held camera of NYPD Blue. Gave a more documentary-like feel, a bit chaotic even. These images satisfy my desire to see things ‘same, same, but different’ in two ways – the variety of things hanging on the line and the variety of the shots themselves.

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