1. mrsdaffodil

    So, this one is like the ones that follow, but more stripped down to the bare essentials. Is that why you like it best? What a beautiful word: “filigree”.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Greetings, Mrs Daffodil!

      I like this one the most because there are a number things that I like about it. I like the colours.

      I like how I find it both elegant and fussy. The vignette/mask fits around the inner pattern so neatly and the darker lozenge shape inside reinforces that.

      It reminds me of impossibly regular lace agate (?) or rutilated quartz or something.

      The twigs and the wee bobbles on the ends I find very appealing.

      It makes me think of jewellery and my late grandmother, Doff who taught me the word ‘filigree’ when I was a child.

      I’m not always so pleased with my work. Often the pieces of which I’m fondest are not the most popular.

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