• Syncopated Eyeball

      Are you thinking of nitrous oxide?
      I once had some when I was a child at the dentist’s in England. It took me a while to fully come to, so they said I shouldn’t have it again. I don’t remember it being unpleasant or my feeling giggly either. But! I do remember that I had a hallucination! A rotating spiral pattern with a little mouse with huge ears standing in front if it. Topo Gigio!
      I googled him today, amazed that I remembered how to spell his name. It seems he was launched in the same year as I was: 1959. 🙂

        • Syncopated Eyeball

          I’ve not read any Wilfred Owen and I’m not very familiar with the songs of TISM. I do remember ‘Greg the Stop Sign’ and that one that goes: ‘I’m on the drug, I’m on the drug, I’m on the drug that killed River Phoenix’. That’s them, I think … but maybe not.

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