1. daisyfae

    LOVE this! my little town is going to do a Dia de los Muertos art event/parade, and i’m very excited about it…have just started thinking about my face/sugar skull work. this is lovely! she’s very good!

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Oh! A whole bunch of folk looking something like this! Fantastic! My photo-finger feels itchy!
      She did a good job, eh? First try. I’d suggest you do a practice run as it took at least two hours to do and I think she’d do a few things differently next time. She said she would make the nose smaller, for example.
      Also, if Ii intended to wear something like this for a whole evening, I’d want to find a way to ‘fix’ it. Powder probably. And you might like to take along some straws for drinking! 🙂

      • daisyfae

        i picked up a mask to paint… actually several since they were only $1. going to get a group of friends together for a mask painting party first… the facepaint is gorgeous, but as you mentioned, it would take a very long time – and would need to be ‘stuck’ somehow!

  2. Don QuiScottie

    And how could she “make the nose smaller” next time. That would require surgery surely? I am alarmed at the sacrifice she may make for her art.

    Or did she mean make the dark bit smaller on the nose of the same size? I hope so, but on the evidence of these glorious shots she is perhaps sufficiently crazy to do anything.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      We both thought her nose looked a bit like that of a teddy bear or a dog when painted that way.

      Yes, she means to make the dark bit and the coloured bit smaller, on the nose of the same size.
      As for her being crazy enough to do anything – well, not quite anything, but then she is my sister. And we have some more ideas for face-painting. She’s looking on the net for a recipe for fake blood. Oooh! I anticipate a lot of fun. And pictures!

  3. msmonsterful

    I like the way light and dark is balanced. I seem to notice it more with the rose tones. Her hand positioned on her left and the lighter hair on the right… I think this is a contender for favorite, too. 🙂

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