1. mrsdaffodil

    Quite creepy, actually. The fake flowers, the make-up covered face – the only human feature is the hairline, which only serves to accentuate the artificiality of the rest.

  2. daisyfae

    Great photo – and as always, love the sugar skull series. After painting my face twice (once for halloween, and once for our local dia de los muertos event) i appreciate her work even more… plan to do it again next year, but will give myself even more time to paint my face….

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Thanks, Daisy Fae. It took ages to apply all that make-up, maybe more than two hours. I can’t remember. In this picture Kerry has started removing the make-up and that took a while too, and a lot of cotton wool and face cream.

      Oh! But didn’t you paint masks instead of your face?

      • daisyfae

        My face paint for Dia de Los Muertos took 90 minutes. And i could have spent more time on it… i ended up painting a half dozen masks, with friends, so we could bring them to the parade to share with my cycling friends. But partially due to the inspiration of your sister, i decided to go ahead with paint… and i enjoyed the process and the results!

        i’ll try to post a picture of the finished product, or can at least e-mail one to you when i find a good one! it was a very therapeutic process, and i found that i didn’t want to take the make up off at the end of the night…

  3. msmonsterful

    I find this one a little more haunting. there’s an air of sadness about it, a sense of someone who’s trying to hide. I think it has something to with the fact that in every other shot she gazes steadily at the camera whilst in this she averts her eyes completely. Not being able to see the bottom half of her face adds to the mystery. It’s quite lovely.

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