1. spilledinkguy

    Solarization / Sabattier effects are a bit strange to me in that I either really like them or question their use a bit, but that processing works SO well for me here… combined with the figures ready-to-act stance… and her face being hidden… a real sense of mystery… I absolutely LOVE it!

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I’ve no idea what a Sabbatier effect is, Robert (google, here I come) but I know what you mean re: solarization. Quite unappealing, sometimes. Sometimes, too ‘easy’.

      Having said that, I do very much like to use it sometimes, usually in conjunction with other manipulation.

      Actually, I’ve been playing with solarization lately on some shots of mannequins through a shop window.
      Not sure if they’ll get posted or not yet.

  2. Sean Jeating

    Oh, somehow I missed this.
    Although it would have been hard to decide which one of my recent comments to replace, this had certainly been amongst the 13.
    EP may therefore also stand for Exellent presentation.

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