• Syncopated Eyeball

          I don’t know and I have often wondered who first said that because it is so stupid!

          For starters, a photograph is a two-dimensional rendering of a three-dimensional something…

          You probably don’t want me to go on… I could probably write an essay on this.
          Hmmmm, perhaps I will.

        • Don QuiScottie

          Hmmm. Well it never lies in that it always records the light entering it as it did, and as its technology allows, and yet… it always lies in that it is an imperfect depiction of reality rather than reality itself, but then so is what we see ourselves, that view being an illusion generated in the dark interior of the back of the brain… Should we both write essays?

        • elmediat

          All media constructs reality. As soon as we frame the subject we have chosen what to put in and what to leave out. We select lighting. colour, camera angle and height. We shape the information that we are communicating. A reality has been constructed which conveys a set of values, beliefs & ideologies. The messages may be intended or unintended, but they are sent out in any case.
          What I want to know is this. If we took a large printed photograph. cut it into a series of strips and then turned those strips into a Moebius strip, what dimension would be represented then. 😀

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