1. Don QuiScottie


    Not a Bunny Boiler then, but a Bunny Hit and Runner?

    Or have I misinterpreted, again, and it is lying back seductively in an effort to help sell the vehicle, the car showroom having made a silly mistake when trying to book a BunnyGirl?

    Or is it just a bunny on a bonnet after all?

      • Don QuiScottie

        Interesting. Maybe it just climbed up to lie down there for a rest on the warm bonnet. Bunnies are not very careful around cars, in my experience. Or maybe it’s just an inanimate soft toy carelessly discarded, or found on the road and placed there by someone who thought it may have belonged to a child who had exited the car. Or maybe it was raining bunnies!?… or it fell out of a child’s arms in a passing hot air balloon… So many possibilities.

  2. elmediat

    How many bunnies could a bonnet net is a bonnet could net bunnies ?

    Everything’s better with a blue bunny bonnet. ( bad TV commercial pun.)

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