1. mrsdaffodil

    Great colours. Our new neighbourhood has had a “pole painting project” going one. Everywhere you go, there are telephone poles, painted up to the height an arm could reach to paint. Some are messy, all are nice. I’ve been meaning to take some photos.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I fiddled with the colours a bit, but not much: just created more of a contrast between the graffiti and the brick.
      That project sounds wonderful! I really like the human, community feel things like that give. I tire of slick buildings and streets maintained to the point that they look unused and/or devoid of all character.
      The council removed the street furniture around where I live, all the while saying they wanted to maintain the ‘village’ atmosphere. 😦

  2. elmediat

    Great composition. Keep in mind there are many in Tuscany that have never been to Australia. And there are those of us who have been to neither . There is Tuscany salad dressing & Koala shampoo. 😀

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