• Syncopated Eyeball

      Eeuw! They sound horrible. Someone offered me some fairy floss from the Easter Show, the other day. It was pink, yellow and blue. I tried a tiny piece and of course it was revolting but it was different to how I remembered it.

      • elmediat

        Fairy floss – love that term. Goes so well with the image & the title. All together they suggests a mysterious, magical place, potentially full of hope & fading dreams. I need to contemplate that; I feel a hint of a story on the horizon. 🙂

        • elmediat

          Usually Candy Floss or Cotton candy. Now on occasion, Spun Sugar. I really have become annoyed with it being sold in bags, just not right. What really bothers me about it is that they are selling it at corner variety stores. It belongs at Fair Ground & Midways or in specialty shops like a Fudge & Confectionery Shop . Oh, and the same for popcorn & caramel corn, unless you are at the movie, get it from a street/park vendor, or make your own. See, I’m not unreasonable, somethings must follow proper childhood tradition. My old man rant is now over. 😀

        • Syncopated Eyeball

          I’m with you, Joseph. The stuff I saw the other day was in a huge plastic tub and much more dense than it used to be. About the only good thing about it was when it came on a stick and you watched it getting made.

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