Quelle Horreur Encore!

It's Life, (Jim) But Not  As We Know It ii

It’s Life, (Jim) But Not As We Know It ii (2012)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

In the Country of the Blind

In the Country of the Blind (2012)
Ashley Lily Scarlett


Ravenous (2012)
Ashley Lily Scarlett

Imp, the Fourth

Imp, the Fourth (2012)
Ashley Lily Scarlett


      • Don QuiScottie

        “Best” as in “Nicest, sweetest, most suitable for having a cup of coffee with in public…”

        Out in public like these photos and you’d be heading straight to to police station I suspect. (Oh… now I am worrying if they just show you in your natural first thing in the morning state and I may have offended you. Ach well… you’re far away… I hope πŸ™‚

        • Syncopated Eyeball

          Haha! Actually, when I did the white acrylic poster paint ones during a bout of insomnia, I did give a fellow insomniac a bit of a fright. That was before the other tenants knew I was prone to do such things. I think they’re used to it now.

  1. elmediat

    Excellent sequence. It suggests found photo-strip in a photo booth – what a narrative. πŸ™‚

    I’ve been recently visiting Katherine’s Photobooth Journal and that made me more aware of similarity to your sequence. Are you familiar with her blog ?


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