1. Don QuiScottie

    Difficult… It’s a long way down, all through the earth and up and out the other side, with a hot and sloshing core in between. Best if myself and my Dulcinea just send good wishes and hope you can catch yourself. You have the power. Good luck.

  2. Claude

    Better let it fall slowly and gently. Sometimes one breaks a leaf (or people) by trying to interrupt the fall….Bonne Chance lovely little leaf!

  3. Don QuiScottie

    “The new phone is constantly at risk of my hurling it against a wall. Damn thing!”

    If you do please remember to use the old one to take a photo of the debris – might be a great photo

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      The new one is very good for internet browsing and commenting on blogs but I can’t upload images to WordPress from it so I still use the old one for that – it’s very slow but at least it does it!
      I’m not, in general, very pleased with my flash new phone. Just as well it came ‘free’ with a contract. I would be furious if I had paid for it outright. It’s a Nokia Lumia 820 and has a Windows operating system. Only 8 megapixels, but I knew that at least.

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