1. Don QuiScottie

    It does look very good, but I feel I may have been lavishing too much praise on you recently, so I think I’ll just assume that you are still having trouble learning how to use that new camera. Have you tried Autofocus, my dear?

  2. Don QuiScottie

    Although I know the title refers to how it was made, the resulting image actually looks static to be, as if the humanity is being subsumed back into the matter that it came from, or perhaps is emerging from it. Ooohhh I’ve come over all arty farty. OK, it’s just you all shook up, but it is excellent (although you being all shook up inside would not be excellent. Hope you are not, or are coping). From suffering comes art, apparently (very often, certainly).

  3. Don QuiScottie

    The title is too literal for me. I’d much prefer something like “Emerging” (just a suggestion for when it’s hanging in the Ashley Lily Scarlett Collection in Art Gallery NSW in 2053)

  4. Don QuiScottie

    However, continuing with her critique, my Dulcinea’s reaction was a mere… ‘What’s that?’ when I asked for her opinion. She’s not a great admirer, it seems. Between you and me perhaps she may be a tad jealous of her Noble Don’s admiration for your work 😉 … But then I think I know what Calum would say too, and he ‘aint jealous (I hope). Some people just don’t “get” things.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Oh, I don’t mind. I’ve had plenty of practice with not getting got ( 🙂 ) in general, Andrew. I don’t suppose you’d be surprised to hear that. And besides, sometimes there’s nothing to get. Haha!

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