1. munchow

    A photographs that makes me think. Pink A, not only for Ashley – in my head. I love the complexity of the photographs, it plays on so many levels, literally and figuratively.

  2. Don QuiScottie

    Andrew Andrew Andrew…..
    Bloody great image too
    Now… I am not being cheeky but how come I see a gorilla face in your reflection? Do you see it? Though maybe it is not your reflection, but a gorilla in a window (where gorillas are often to be found…) or your inner “chimp” shining through, or… I don’t know.

  3. spilledinkguy

    I feel like an ‘a-word’ for not coming up with a nice ‘a-word’ to describe this piece, S.E! I love the depth in your window / reflection images… so many interesting elements ‘sandwiched’ together!

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