Discomfort Zone

Discomfort Zone 2013

Discomfort Zone (2013)
Ashley Lily Scarlett



    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Despite some of my pictures being very bright, I don’t like looking at bright colours for very long. Too much!
      This happens to be in a shopping mall. Shopping malls are something I try to avoid: too many people, lights, musics (sic), images, stuff, and no easy way to escape. I hate how they’re designed to get us confused about our position with their labyrinthine designs and hard to find exits.
      I’ve had panic attacks in malls, but I was with my mother who knows this mall very well (Mummy Mall Rat) so that helped a bit. Plus, most unusually, one can see the sky from in there!

  1. katrien steenssens

    uhm, I just bought a dress in those colors half orange, half pink – I admit: I still have to get used to it myself – but then again: wearing it, I won’t have to look at it 🙂 – and for the record: shoppingmalls give me the shivers – so, I hear you – really

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      You only have to wear your new dress when you’re in the right mood for bright colour. 🙂
      The mall closest to wear I live is particularly horrible. SO over stimulating – there are huge video ads and smells and sounds and people and lights and not much room and AAAARGH!

  2. daisyfae

    i share your dislike of shopping malls – i don’t go unless i absolutely have to, and i work pretty hard to avoid that. something horrid about them…

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      It’s an achievement for me if I go to one, they really freak me out and can make me very anxious. If I really need something from inside the one at Bondi Junction (like dvds, for example 🙂 ) then I make sure I know the way in and back out again, make my way briskly to the specific shop, head down, and make no detours.

  3. Brandon Halley

    On the subject of shopping malls, I dislike them as well for more of a social reason. I always feel like people are staring/paying attention to me and I get uncomfortable very easily. So I don’t go if I’m by myself much..

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I don’t like crowds, Brandon. Through my eyes they all have the capacity to become mobs. I feel very unsafe when in crowds, even small ones.
      On a happier note, I’ve just added you to my blog roll; I usually wait a bit longer before doing this but I find your work so exciting. Fresh, imaginative, beautiful and stimulating in a way that I like very much. 🙂

      • Brandon Halley

        I understand completely, I think artwork that express emotion such as this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words. I wasn’t too sure of my most recent photo, it took me 2 days to finish because I was continuously unhappy with certain aspects. Thank you though, I really really appreciate it. 🙂

  4. spilledinkguy

    I’m not very good with malls, either, S.E…
    if there’s a list of places where it’s easy to experience sensory overload, malls have to be very near the top of it. I usually have a headache by the time I’ve made my way past the parking lot! Which is too bad in a way, because it seems like they would be gold-mines for photographic subject matter (as you’ve proven here)!

  5. elmediat

    There is a theory that mall are actually a form of mass media with differnet types of media embedded within them, much the same way a magazine or a website can both be mass meia and contain mass media. A mall constructs a reality built on a set of conventions and conveys a set of values, beliefs,and ideology. It is an immersive media experience designed to disorient you so that you follow the shopping narrative.
    For some, the disorientation becomes to severe and they suffer over stimulation. The range of sensitivity varies for each individual and the varying conditions of the mall. For many, shopping during the Christmas season is very uncomfortable.

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