1. Anita Flowers - House of Angels

    It’s disgusting … my biggest fear rats.
    This could have been the same rat – that we discovered while renovating our cottage.It was caught between thick stone wall, preservedI imagine by the lime.
    I’m cringing as I write … Yuk!

  2. mrsdaffodil

    It’s shocking when you first come across a dead rat. I really have to calm myself before I can just look at it. I do have to say that country rats are much more handsome than city rats. I don’t know whether they are a different variety or if it’s just the life they lead, but they are sleek, not scruffy.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      There are different kinds. In the past I saw a huge one scurrying along in the city.
      I wouldn’t like to have wild rats in my house (there were some in one place I lived) but domesticated rats are really nice – affectionate, intelligent and very clean. 🙂

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