1. elmediat

    Mandala #5 –
    Singing cabbages, green lullabies
    Spiral towards bliss.

    Note: All organically grown.


  2. drawandshoot

    I have always loved kaleidoscopes so this series really appeals to me. (I wish I knew what happened to the one I had as a child.) I’m curious how you make these, Is it an app Iin-camera) or something you do in processing?

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Me too, Karen, they’ve always fascinated me.
      It’s in camera. The number of segments is adjustable. Then with some of them I’ve done a little further editing, like sharpening a bit and/or altering the colours.
      It’s great fun to simply use as a kaleidoscope without actually taking a shot: it moves and changes so beautifully.

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