• Syncopated Eyeball

        No, it’s not me, John! I do remember once when I was a teenager spray painting “the ultimate in waste” on a wall of an army barracks though. And XTC (a band I liked then) a bit further down the road. And that my dear, is the extent of my graffiti career. 🙂

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      No, i just like taking photos of it, or rather little bits of it. I don’t have a fascination with ‘tags’ and scribbles on things but I do like the shapes and textures in close-up.
      Also it’s a sign of life, no? I dislike cold geometric concrete monsters more than graffiti.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I find it very interesting how many surfaces of decades past seem designed to capture dirt. Perhaps a conspiracy of the patriarchy to keep house keepers a whole lot busier than they otherwise would be? 😉

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Once again I find that something that I don’t like (in this case that textured wall – dirt catcher), I’m happy to find and photograph. I really do like that textured glass, though. I like some stained glass windows too.

  1. elmediat

    The title together with the image sounds like an opening to a European auteur style movie ( or ironic TV commercial for household cleanser) . Then again it could be promo for the next season of Doctor Who .
    The mix of glass & grunge is very effective. It would be interesting seeing this composition in B&W and how it would change the emotional overlays that come from the warmer tones associated with the colours in the glass.

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