1. spilledinkguy

    As you know I’m often drawn to B/W… but I really like both versions here, S.E… beautiful! (Also I cheat a bit by cutting my hair very short – that way I don’t have to worry about brushing it very often, either)!

  2. elmediat

    After commenting on the difference between B&W and colour photographs, I went to this post and thought I had momentarily experienced a “SchrΓΆdinger Observational Effect” – observing two over-lapping realities . What a hair raising experience. πŸ˜€
    Great post Ashley. There is a 60s documentary style to the the composition that is present in both versions. The B&w image asks the viewer to oberver from the outside, building an analytical detailed picture of the subject & her relationship to the environment & the viewer. The high saturated colour image asks that the viewer become emotionally engaged with the subject & her relationship to the environment & the viewer.
    Ashley, I’m always emotionally engaged with your posts. πŸ™‚

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Thank you, Joseph! I agree that they produce a differing effect; the colour one being more personal as it separates me more from the surrounding things.
      My preference is starting lean towards the colour version as I’m liking the placement of the reds in relationship to the (my) figure.
      I’m so pleased to hear that you find my images emotionally engaging, Joseph, that’s an excellent compliment. Thanks again!

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