1. spilledinkguy

    The good news is that with Mad Men, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to have a nap in the office while you are waiting. Very cool, S.E… the smokey / hazy quality your images have remind me very much of that show, too.

  2. elmediat

    As someone deeply interested Media Literacy, I have yet to watch any of Mad Men. I am presently hooked on Broadchurch and still missing the characters from Fringe. 😀

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I didn’t get interested in it when it started despite being obsessed with the sixties and having done half of a degree in Visual Communication, mostly because I thought, from the snippets I had seen, I would be gnashing my teeth at the sexism. As it turned out I just found it hard to like any of the characters except for the woman called Peggy.
      I suppose I found it vaguely amusing that they were all so pleased with themselves for their pitiful ideas but i suppose taken in context of the time they had something.
      Anyway, I won’t be watching any more of it.

      I don’t know Broadchurch or Fringe. 😦

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