Self Portrait 18/08/2013

Self Portrait 18/08/2013

Self Portrait 18/08/2013 (2013)
Ashley Lily Scarlett



  1. Malin H

    People say there is a reason why someone doing self portraits. I started to do self portraits in 2004 and I’m still doing it. I have often wondered, but I think I now know why… I learn a lot and I’m getting to know myself better.

    Good work, Ashley!

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      I’m really glad you like it, Malin. I like putting myself in my photos. Partly because I’m available if I decide I want to photograph in the middle of the night, for example.
      And I’m free to make myself look however I want whereas if I photograph someone else, I feel I need to please them by making them look as “good” as possible and them ask for their permission to post.
      I’m looking forward to getting a real camera and a tripod sometime – I’m getting a bit fed up with being restricted to the head and shoulders thing.

      • Malin H

        I know exactly what you mean. The good things with self portrait, you don’t have to ask yourself 🙂

        I often use tripod and of course the self timer (don’t know the name of it in English, but hope you understand). You can put the camera on something and then use the self timer. I use it all the time and I also use a remote control sometimes (for example when hanging in a tree, I can’t use the self timer (12 sec), so it’s good to have a remote at that moments. 🙂

        I also do many self portraits on free hand sometimes.

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Thank you, Richard. I like doing these. The element of chance with the motion blur excites me. I do a whole bunch and then see what I think I can do with them re processing.
      They prompt me to play more than a straight shot does.

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