Self Portrait 03/10/2013

Self Portrait 03/10/2013 (2013) Ashley Lily Scarlett

Self Portrait 03/10/2013 (2013)
Ashley Lily Scarlett



      • bbylois

        hmmm , fair question. you go for the content in addition its beauty , good. 🙂 To me I experience care , secure because I haven an impression with that photograph , you ( because it is a self portrait ) are holding or touching gentle someone others hand. This can be completely wrong but that is what I experience with your work. In fact , I have an exercise to be done this year for my school , namely a self portrait . You offered me in an idea. Because of the small or little depth in this image , one is able to interpret or experience many senses and emotions. Depending on the viewers mood, personality.

        So, Now it is your turn , if I may. What was the reason you offered this kind of portrait . What is your story behind this beauty . What does the author expresses?

        • Syncopated Eyeball

          That’s an interesting reading of it, Bart. Thank you. In fact I was feeling somewhat distressed. Tired and distressed. I took the photo because it was an easier way to express what I couldn’t or didn’t want to express in words. I guess the hand is an unconscious gesture of self-soothing.
          It pleases me to make an image that I like when I feel like shit! 🙂

          • bbylois

            I understood and it is perhaps a promising thought to know that the way you expressed it ,is revealing different impressions and emotions. Hope you are able to face now,its bright site 😉 , see you around , grt bart

    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Sometimes I find it very therapeutic, when I don’t have many words, to make an image instead. I would have been very grateful to have your hand to hold, I felt so weary. Much better today. Hooray! 🙂

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