Over My Shoulder

Over My Shoulder (2013)  Ashley Lily Scarlett

Over My Shoulder (2013)
Ashley Lily Scarlett



    • Syncopated Eyeball

      Haha! No yoga, Mrs Daffodil. Sometimes I just wave my camera phone about without looking, take a huge number of shots, and sometimes I end up with one or two or none that I like. So here I was walking along with the camera pointed over my shoulder. πŸ™‚

      • Richard Guest

        Yes, it was quite a bad storm. It opened and closed a loose window, broke a fence and made a section of one of our trees crash into next door, cutting off the old man downstairs’ access to his outside loo.

        • Syncopated Eyeball

          We get ones like that sometimes.
          In the nineties in Sydney there was a hail storm, something I’ve not seen before or since. Icy rocks falling from the sky! Some as big as a fist. For ages afterwards there were cars with dents in them, as if someone had taken a hammer to them. Of course insurance didn’t cover the damage as it was an “act of God”.
          You still have outdoor loos over there, then. Still a few here too.

          • Richard Guest

            Yes, it’s shocking when that happens – we used to get hail like that in our previous place – no one believed us. One of the neighbours resorted to taking photos of the stones. Yes, outdoor loos are pretty rare, but there are still a few. Feel really sorry for the guy when it snows.

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