1. elmediat

    On a clear day you can see FOREVER. That is the sign on the wall behind the fence. 🙂
    At this time, here in Elliot Lake, you can see snow on a clear day. When the day is not cleatr you see falling snow. 😀

  2. Andrew MacLaren-Scott

    Interesting how someone has taken the trouble to trace the word out in very thin lines, but not taken the trouble to paint over these very thin lines with the thick lines that came later (presumably). Or maybe the thin lines were made by a different person, with the thick lines by someone who came along later. I’m not very clear about it at all. Not clear about anything really though…

  3. Claude

    UP: A running, wild animal,, mouth open, ready to pounce on a smaller animal.
    DOWN: Boring, neglected, suburban backyards.
    I would have missed the whole thing…

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