1. Ashley Lily Scarlett

    Thank you so much, everyone for your kind wishes. I am truly touched.
    My dad lives in England and I live in Australia, far far away.
    I haven’t seen him for about 12 years.
    I keep flip flopping between sorrow and a sense of unreality.
    I can’t afford the air fare to get to his funeral and this is giving rise to frustration and anger and yet more sorrow.
    Just after making this post I wondered if it looked heartless, instead of heartfelt, to be able to do it within a few hours of receiving the news. It kept my tears at bay for a little while. And what else to do to express my love, my sorrow, my respect when I’m so so far away?

  2. Meanderer

    I wouldn’t worry at all about how you think it may have ‘looked’. There is no script for something like this. It must feel very surreal hearing the sad news from afar and thereby being in many ways detached from it – like it is all a strange dream.

    Take care x

  3. Ashley Lily Scarlett

    Thank you all again for your kind thoughts. People have been so kind to me, here and in my mundane world. Please forgive me,for not answering you all individually.
    I have good news: I’m going to be able to attend the funeral!

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