• Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Oh, Ellen, thank you so much. It felt unreal for a while, I’ve spoken to him on the phone but I havn’t seen him for years.But now that I’ve stopped racing around getting documents it’s sinking in that he really has gone and I’m finding it hard.

      • stockdalewolfe

        It will be hard but you will get through it– the funeral and the loss. I think Claude Gamble’s comment says it more eloquently than I can. He will be with you always. He will come back to you in other people, years later, with a certain comment, or tone of voice or a visual similarity, and he will be right there with you. I was just telling my husband a little while ago that he was reminding me of my father and it was very real like he was here and he has been gone for 27 years! Again, I say and send, hugs!

  1. Claude Gamble

    You look so beautiful and so sad, dear Ashley….
    Here is what I believe. Your Dad is gone but he is forever in your heart. His body is now part of our earth. And his spirit is at peace, all around you, discovering the infinite cosmos, and reaching a new dimension.

    • Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Thank you, Mark. I leave for England today. Soon I’ll stop worrying if I have everything in order because even if I don’t it will be too late and it really only matters that I get there in time for the funeral, which I will.

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