• Ashley Lily Scarlett

      Yes, it will straighten itself out again. I like the view but I wish my brain would straighten out at least a big soon.
      My short term memory can hardly remember anything. Body’s way of softening the the feelings, I imagine.

  1. Andrew MacLaren-Scott

    I am beginning to recognise it.

    Much closer to (my) home now.

    And wonderfully captured, of course, through glass like I used to peer through in my own childhood home, and wonder about the accuracy of my image of reality…

  2. Claude Gamble

    I very much like it as an semi abstract painting a la Chagall. In the real world, it’s somehow wobbly from side to side, up and down, here and there, I would use my thumb, to redress it a bit, just to feel safe with my walker.

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